Numeraire is working so we're giving out $1 million of cryptocurrency to data scientists.

Data scientists staking Numeraire on their equity predictions has lead to a profound amplification of predictive signal in contributing models. So we want Numeraire in the hands of many more people, and we want them to be the right people.

We're getting started by giving Numeraire to students from thousands of universities across the world and all Kaggle users. Our aim is to find original and independent signals that will continue to strengthen the performance of our meta model.

This airdrop is part of an ever-expanding search for intelligent life. It will not stop.

Learn about Numerai's cryptocurrency in this short film


The Kaggle airdrop is currently suspended.


Change your account's email to an eligible school in here and you will be credited with Numeraire, if you haven't already.

Create an account with an eligible email address and claim your NMR. To learn how to use the NMR in the tournament, read here

Sign up to Numerai with an email address from one of over 9,000 schools across over 200 countries and get 0.5 Numeraire (~$15) to start learning and using Numerai

We are assigning each school a limited number of tokens.


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