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The stock market is inefficient with respect to new developments in machine learning — only a fraction of the world's data scientists have access to its data. Numerai is changing this.
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Building the Meta Model

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Because Numerai abstracts its financial data, data scientists do not know what the data represents and human biases and overfitting are overcome.
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Introducing Numeraire

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We are incentivizing the construction of an artificial intelligence hedge fund with Numeraire, a cryptographic token on the Ethereum blockchain.
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& Advisors

Co-Founder of Renaissance Technologies and First Round Capital
Co-Founder of Coinbase
Founder of Protocol Labs (IPFS and Filecoin)
Board Member at Kaggle
Thiel Fellow and co-founder of Augur
"... a new cryptographic token that can be used in a novel auction mechanism to make overfitting economically irrational."

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